Hey Slyder fans!

Welcome to the Show!

Slyder are 'ready to rock this place' and 'shake it to the ground'!

Just a few short years ago, heavy rock axemen Pete Bosworth (Hydra Vein/China/Billy's Got a Gun) and Trevor Ellis (Hydra Vein) hooked up after a 25 year hiatus. It wasn't long before they got round to discussing their undying love of rock music (it's in the blood as all true rock fans know, right?)

A jam quickly proved that they could pick up pretty much where they left off all those years ago (when they had hair and everything!) Soon after, they scoured the country (well...at least from Tamworth up to Stoke!) for other hard rockin' muso's. Ace powertrain drummer and hardcore rock fan Rob Bate (Rushdown/Chemikill/S8N) replied to an ad and slotted in straight away.

Pete then approached super solid bass player Malcolm Gould (China/Marshall Law/Love&War) who he had played alongside many moons ago in China (the band, not the country!) They didn't miss a beat and it was all working like a well oiled machine.

What they needed now was a lead vocalist worthy of fronting up this powerhouse unit. He needed to be LOUD and POWERFUL and GOOD LOOKING! Lurking in the wilds of North Staffordshire they found a hidden treasure in Sean Coleman and thought 'Well...two out of three ain't bad'! (but seriously...you gotta hear him to believe him!)

In late 2015, Trev left the band to pursue his interest in train spotting (only joking!) From over the horizon (well..Brum actually!) a saviour appeared in the form of Daz Ashton, ace guitarist and all-round nice guy (with real hair too!)

So... here we are. SLYDER. Ready to rock your world with a superb mix of classic and modern rock trax (plus some of their own supercharged original numbers!) Whether you're a dyed in the leather rock aficionado or just wanna rock the night away (or maybe have just had enough of all that Hip Hop Rapping crap!) we want you to come with us and the Slyder sound...'cos we're going Down and Out!!!